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“All things come from you, O Lord, and of your own do we give you.”


The context of all Christian giving is that we are responding to the total gift of God, who in Jesus Christ gives us Himself.

This giving can be summed up in words from St. John’s Gospel:

“For God so loved the world that he gave us his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”  (John 3)


Our church is constantly seeking to improve or expand what it can offer to fulfil its ministry - to our own congregation, to the wider community in Epping Upland and in support of our Team.


However, our ambitions are limited in part by a shortage of funds to keep our church running. The costs we are talking about are the day to day running of the church, its ministry and services.   They exclude any restorations, special projects (such as the Vestry or organ) which are totally separate funds and cannot be used to keep our church open.


We conducted a recent survey regarding what you thought our cost are. From the returns 65% of you thought that we receive funds for day to day running from the government or dioceses. In fact we pay our bills from what you give us. Another question was what the costs are for heating, lighting and insurance. 55% of the responses ticked the £2000.00 option. In fact it is over twice this amount. Finally 72% of the responses ticked the £15,000.00 box for the amount we receive from the congregation and other giving functions. The actual figure is £7,500.00 for the year 2007. Please bear in mind that on top of all this, our single biggest expenditure, the Parish Share, which this year is £23,000.00, and covers half the cost of a vicar (a benefit of being in the team, otherwise we would have the total £45,000.00 cost!) we expect only to pay 50% of it because of all the other day to day costs we have. What these figures show is we have not communicated to you what our costs are, what we actually receive and what we need to keep our church going.


Very roughly, we break even if each adult gives about £14.40 per week, but we fully realise that this is far too much for some, who may support our church’s Christian ministry in other important ways through prayer, the gift of time, and we thank you for this.


All we ask now is that if you are a member of the Pledged Giving scheme that you review your current level of regular giving and if you are able to increase it please complete the attached form. 

If you are not in the Pledged Giving scheme, please speak to John Portway, Diane Pegrum or Colin Tankard who will give you details of how to join this valuable scheme and keep our church open.



Pledged Giving


Pledged Giving is the making of a regular gift towards the work of the church which expresses your commitment to that work and provides the church with a firm basis for its financial planning.  It operates as follows:

- If you pay by cash or cheque (made payable to Epping Upland PCC) please speak to the Pledged Giving Secretary and you will be provided with dated envelopes which should be put in the collection at services.  The same envelopes are used whether or not you give under Gift Aid– see later.

- Alternatively, and possibly more easily, you can pay by Bankers Order and a form is enclosed which should be completed and returned to the Pledged Giving Secretary


Gift Aid


Gift Aid is the means by which our Church, as a charity, can reclaim Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax which you have paid (including tax paid on interest or by tax credits on dividends).  This reclaim currently amounts to £2.82 for every £10 which you give and is at no cost to you. All you have to do is complete the enclosed Gift Aid declaration and return it to the Pledged Giving Secretary and we will do the rest.


   Amount given under Gift Aid          Tax refund        Total received by Church

                        £10                                     £2.82                               £12.82

                        £15                                     £4.23                               £19.23

                        £50                                   £14.10                               £64.10


There are a few points to be noted:

A) Unlike Covenants (which can  no longer be entered into), Gift Aid is not for a fixed sum or a definite period of time—the Declaration covers all gifts which you make to the Church, and you  can cancel it at any time by notifying the Pledged Giving Secretary.

B) You must have paid at least as much tax as we shall be claiming on your donations.

C) We can only reclaim tax at the basic rate; if you are a higher rate tax payer you can reclaim the difference on your tax return.

D) If you want to make an extra one-off donation, all you have to do is place the extra money in your normal envelope or a special Gift Aid envelope.






All information relating to Pledged Giving and Gift Aid is strictly confidential and will be known only to the Pledged Giving Secretary, and, in the case of Banker’s Orders only, to the PCC Treasurer