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For some time now we have been working on a plan to build an extension across the north side Ofthe church to provide a community meeting hall and renovated vestry.

The design would give us a large meeting room that could be divided into two smaller rooms, with two toilets including one designed for disabled users, and a small kitchenette. It allows for access both from ou!side and inside the church, so that for smaller events the new space can stand alone, and for larger events the church space is integrated.

The new space can be used for meeting rooms, Sunday School, and to support community groups and services such as a post office, doctors surgery, advice centre and so on.

While the extension will not change the inside of the existing church, we intend to use this project to close in the tower and vestry arches with glass to retain the heat and improve the comfortable use of the building. The North Porch will be extended (if possible) to provide an appropriate lobby.

The plans and artist's impressions give a sense of the impressive and sensitive design. The external features of the extension will be similar to the existing porch on the southside, which will reduce the expanse of pebble dashed wall added by the Victorians during their ‘restoration '. What we would like to do is expose the original wall of the church (which would now be on the inside of the extension) and have this as a feature, providing a very interesting view of medieval construction of buildings. To keep the inside of the church bright we will add ‘sun tubes' into the new extension which will flood the space with sunlight and so keep the impression of natural light coming into the church from the north side. ~ another benefit will be to have the south wall replastered with a lime based formula which will remove the current flaking plaster. ~

All in all, we are convinced that the new build and associated restoration work will provide an integrated building able to meet the needs of Church and Village for many years to come.