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Teddy Parachute Jump

A letter from one of the teddies!

2009 Teddy Bear Jump

I heard that the parachute jump was happening again this year and given I was a bit apprehensive last year and backed out at the last minute, I think I am up for it this year after talking to the Mad Frog who if you remember sang all the way down…show-off!

The problem I had last year was that I got all enthusiastic about the jump and hearing about everyone’s parachutes but after the first couple jumped their descent did seem to be a little fast, I also thought that the design of some parachutes was not just big enough for the size or weight. For instance, Freddie’s pal jumped with just a handkerchief (a very nice handkerchief I have to say) and although he was not a big lad in size, boy did he have some stuffing in him!

When my turn came I got in the net fine, and although I and my fellow travellers bounced off the tower wall a few times we got to the top and was met by Colin (good chap that boy). He was very encouraging and sorted out everyone’s ropes and gave them a pep talk before setting them on their way. I was the last of the batch to jump so I watched the first lot go. One Teddy floated down and even swerved between the trees (show off) gracefully but the next few did seem to have problems and the final straw for me was the Teddy which went straight down and landed with a thump! Colin assured me the Teddy was fine and I saw it getting wonderful hugs from its friend but I am sorry to say that knocked out my synthetic stuffing and I could not jump. Colin worked hard to make me change my mind but I just could not so I stayed up the tower and watched the rest go, a little embarrassed but hey I was still in one piece as far as I was concerned.

I hear that the jumping will be followed by a Teddy Bears Picnic which sounds good. I might get a chance to chat to that rather nice pink Teddy who jumped last year. I am not sure if I am expected to bring food with or if those nice ladies at church will supply cake and jam sandwiches but either way it should be fun. You never know Winnie the Pooh might be back again (he of the biggest parachute in Essex!) and he could have some honey. If not maybe Mr Crafter might have some, hint, hint.

Anyway, must dash as I have a few things to do and then get ready for bed…have lots of cuddling to do as it was the Panto this evening and that always leaves a few worries in the little minds ie…will the baddy come and get because I booed too much!!

Will give you an update on my progress next month.

Ta Ta for now.

Toby Ted